Hamburg, 20 August 2010

In mid August, Ingmar Heuer GmbH went online with its new website. At, visitors will now find all they want to know about the company based at Hamburg’s wholesale market.

The main feature of the website is a description of the company’s comprehensive range. Ingmar Heuer trades in over 60 types of produce from more than 30 countries, chiefly goods carried by air and off-season specialities.

Besides the new website, managing director Ingmar Heuer also presents a new slogan: “Fresher through the World expresses our company’s competence in a nutshell. We know no boundaries, and offer fruit, vegetables, citrus fruits and exotic varieties from the freshest corners of the earth – in top quality, all the year round”.

The new Internet presence is all in English too, and like the German version it will be updated regularly to include news about the company and its products.



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