The company Ingmar Heuer GmbH was established by its owner Ingmar Heuer in October 2000. Together with Gabi Eutemüller, who had been familiar with the trade for many years, Heuer decided to put his experience, know-how and excellent relations with suppliers and customers into the new company to continue the business successfully. The company is based at the Hamburg Wholesale Market, North Germany's centre for fresh produce and the most important turntable of the trade.

Our competence
The pillars of our business are the freshness, diversity and quality of the products and the company's competence and services, with maximum customer orientation. The size of our firm ensures the flexibility essential for trade in quality fresh produce. Not to mention our excellent, long-term relations with suppliers.

Our range
Ingmar Heuer GmbH specializes in the import and export of overseas produce, i.e. goods carried by air and off-season products. Choose from 60 types of product from over 30 countries!

Our customers
We supply wholesalers and the retail food trade throughout Germany and Switzerland and in Belgium and Scandinavia. We will be pleased to give references on request.

Our suppliers
All companies have a quality management system (GlobalGap, HACCP).

Residue analysis
Our products are tested regularly for pesticide residues.

Ingmar Heuer GmbH at a glance
Year of establishment
Company headquarters

Hamburg Wholesale Market
Over 60 types of product
Overseas produce
Suppliers/places of origin
From over 30 countries worldwide
Best sellers
Mangoes, papayas, asparaguas, sweet potatoes
Wholesale and retail food trade