The company was established in 1999 and is managed by several of its owners, all of whom have considerable experience in the business of growing and exporting fresh fruits, above all exotic produce.

The managing director, Yossi Zaphrir, says that although the company is relatively young, it is already very experienced and has a clear vision for the future.

Top Eden Fruits focuses on the export of exotic fruits, and its biggest market is Europe. Because Top Eden Fruits grows most of the produce itself, the company is not dependent on external suppliers.

Tope Eden Fruits plays a very active role in introducing new and improved varieties of pitahaya (dragon fruit) and passion fruits. Such efforts are driven by the desire to extend the season and be able to supply fruit throughout the year.

Top Eden Fruits has invested in a pitahaya breeding programme in order to obtain:
- fruits with greater taste than the "Undatus" variety (red skin, white pulp)
- longer shelf-life, prolonged growing season and year-round supply.
Today's buyers are looking for better, more flavourful fruits, especially when it comes to the exotic varieties.

Top Eden Fruits also grows and exports kumquats from November to the end of April.

All fruit is air-freighted for rapid delivery to export markets, guaranteeing that it arrives in fresh condition. Video article in "Jerusalem Post"