Kandia fps Ltd is the provider of choice for clients looking for quality horticultural produce. Incorporated in 2001 we are built on a heritage of quality, delivery, excellence, industry knowledge and the expertise of our people.

Kandia is uniquely positioned to provide top fresh produce importers with quality product and we are dedicated to ensuring that every client is well served.

In pursuit of our corporate goals, we are cognizant of the community around us and have incorporated poverty alleviation as one of our key objectives.

Working in conjunction with development partners who aim at building capacity; Kandia Fps Ltd has gone into an expansion program to increase our supply base by expanding our product range and production zones. In this quest we are working with many small and medium scale growers in different geographical locations of the country and continue to increase the numbers.

These play a crucial part in the whole value chain and to benefit from economies of scale we have grouped them together for easier monitoring and management. To meet the industry's stringent quality aspects, we support these farmers with not only technical support but also material inputs and all this is done under good agricultural practices guided by Global gap principles.