Provision of a consistent market to these growers is key and this is made possible by the collaboration and support we receive from our clients mainly in Europe. A consistent market has given them the confidence to engage strongly in income generating farming and propelled them to profitability. This has enabled them to meet their needs and contribute vitally to both their local and national economy as well. Diversity in the geographical regions allows both Kandia and the farmers to take advantage of different micro climates and grow products best suited to the regions. This also cushions us against unforeseen adverse weather conditions in an area and this ensures continuity of supply to our buyers.

As part of our expansion program Kandia has also diversified to sea shipments. This is mainly for avocados which are also primarily grown in Kenya by small scale growers within different parts of the country. Varieties grown are Fuerte and Hass and with growing popularity these products are quickly taking the position of vital cash crops for many growers who otherwise would have had to rely on tea or coffee alone which have a much longer turn around time. This has given them a much needed boost and the continued support from our buyers plays a key role in keeping this whole chain reliable and intact.